Nectarine 2019 Holiday Card Exchange

Starchaser is putting on a holiday (October to January) card exchange again this year. If you were linked directly here, please see the forum thread at for more information and the rules. Registration closes on November 11.

Please don't submit more than once. Once your response has been submitted you cannot edit it except by contacting Starchaser therefore please double-check your information before submitting.

All fields are required.

Starchaser needs this as a fallback if he has to PM you all the people you need to send cards to once they're assigned.

You will be asked to send no more cards than you elect to receive. You may receive less cards than you ask for, but this should only happen if the number is greater than the amount of participants.

Do you want to send cards overseas?

"Overseas" here means from the EU to North America or New Zealand, etc. It does not mean EU to UK or vice-versa. If you select "Other" please enter how many cards you want to send overseas and Starchaser will do his best to honor this.

How would you prefer to swap cards?

In 2018 you might have received cards from any participant regardless of who you were assigned. However assignments can also be paired so you only receive cards from people you are assigned.

If it is necessary to ensure delivery of letters to you please include your real name. Otherwise you may omit it if you prefer. Please include your country as the last line in your address as this is required to deliver internationally. Double-check your address to make sure there are no typos.