Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy for the Nectarine Holiday Card Exchange (hereafter "the exchange") involving the swapping of cards, postcards, letters, or the like (hereafter "cards") during the end of year period (October through January).


I, Starchaser (Arthur McBain), am putting on a card exchange again this year and if you'd like to participate, I cannot do that without personal info (Nectarine username and address). I will keep your data safe and not do anything evil with it. Your data will be deleted by mid January of 2020.

Coverage and Applicability

This privacy policy only extends to this website and any information submitted to it. It is related to the "Nectarine Community" ( but is independent and so anything involving said site should refer to their privacy policy.

In addition, nothing in this privacy policy is intended to contravene or restrict existing laws concerning privacy such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), or US law. If it appears to do so, please let Starchaser know so it can be corrected. Starchaser does not wish to do bad things to you or your data.

What data does the exchange site collect?

This website does have cookies but their only use is to report errors when submitting information to join the exchange. These cookies cannot be used to track you. No other cookies or trackers are used to personally identify persons for purposes of advertising or other reasons.

Submitting the exchange entry form will share your ("Nectarine") username as well as your address with this site. Your real name may be collected if supplied with the address.

How does the exchange use your data?

Your Nectarine username will be used to contact you, if needed, to verify any information which seems incomplete or incorrect to help make sure everything goes smoothly. Your name, if provided, and address will be given to those who are assigned as part of the exchange to send you a card. This data will be deleted without needing to make an official request by January 15th, 2020 or when everyone has all the cards they were assigned to receive, whichever comes first.

Information Sharing

As this is an exchange of cards, it is necessary to provide your name, if supplied, and address information to people assigned to send you cards. However your information will not be shared with 3rd parties not involved in the exchange, with the sole exception of passage of information to courier services for sending the aforementioned cards.

How does the exchange store and protect your information?

Your information will be stored and processed in the United States as this is where the server used to manage the exchange resides. Starchaser will ensure this server is secure to best protect your data. Any correspondence regarding the exchange done through Nectarine will be stored on Nectarine's server which is in Europe and is subject to their privacy policy.

Request of data, corrections, and deletion

Pursuant to the GDPR and other similar regulations, you can request a copy of your data, as well as provide corrections if necessary, and additionally request it be deleted. All of these can be completed by sending a PM to Starchaser on Nectarine, contacting him on the Nectarine Discord server, or emailing him. These requests will be processed as soon as he is able, but usually in a few days, and certainly no longer than two weeks if he is on vacation or otherwise unavailable.

If you request deletion before assignments have been made, you will be unable to participate in the exchange. If you request deletion after recipients have been assigned, your information may already have been shared with other participants. All data hosted on this site will be deleted at the latest by January 15th, 2020. This deletion will happen even if you do not make a formal request.